More people use Xbox for entertainment rather than online gaming

Figures released by Microsoft today suggest that, more people are in fact using their Xbox 360 as an entertainment device rather than an online gaming console. The release of software like, Netflix has generated a large increase in people using the hardware for non gaming related purposes.

According to the games industry international article,  although no hard statistics were given, this is the first time that entertainment has overtaken online gaming as the consoles main point of usage.

While there could be many reasons for this switch, I’d hazard a guess it’s Microsoft’s insistence of pushing their Kinect software over other online games. Kinect suits being played locally with friends as opposed to online.  Another factor could also be the age of the console, with the 360 being seven years old this year, it’s no longer a new piece of hardware.  The age and capabilities of the platform as a gaming console are beginning to show.  With Microsoft announcing they have to intentions of showing a follow-up to the console at E3 this year, I’d expect to see these figures widen.

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