Britain braces for snow.

At about 2.30 ish this afternoon, the skies opened and it began to snow here in York, England.  Well it’s now 9.30 and it hasn’t stopped.  We’re currently under 4-5 inches of snow, and with no signs of it stopping I have to wonder, are we in for a snow season like Britain experienced last year?  

Took this photo outside my room, I realise it’s a bit red, my camera isn’t exactly a top of the range model.   You can see how deep the footprints are, this is only after a few hours.  On one hand I enjoy the snow and I’m glad we do get the occasional snow fall here in England, on the other hand… it’s cold, wet, and as a country we tend to be rather bad at dealing with it.  Despite our fairly poor weather, we don’t prepare for snow correctly, as we can never be sure if we are going to get any or not.  This usually ends with us being the laughing-stock of Europe, as even the slightest snowfall brings the country to a shuddering halt.  Here’s hoping councils around the country learned their lesson last year, and bought enough salt to deal with the icy roads.

Edit :  A couple of better quality photos taken the next morning.

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