North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has died.

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, died of a heart attack in the early hours of this morning.  Kim Jong il had been suffering due to his increasingly deteriorating heath for the last few years of his life. His 3rd son Kim Jong Un will take control of the North Korea in his father’s wake.

Japan and South Korea are said to be on alert following the news of Kim Jong Il’s death. It is unclear if it is a purely a precautionary measure, or whether they believe there to be an imminent threat, following the death of Kim Jong Il.

China has announced that even with the passing of the “Dear Leader” that ties between the two countries can remain strong, and that they hope the nation can turn it’s grief into strength and unity.
Kim Jong Un, faces an uphill battle to remain in control of the country, as it is believed many of the citizens and military personal are against his appointment.  There is fear that there could be an increase in refugees fleeing the country. Whether Kim Jong Un decides to follows in his father’s footsteps remains to be seen. Despite the North Korean media’s attempts to improve his standing amongst the citizens, it is not believed he has the same support or power base that his father enjoyed.

North Korea has recently re-entered the 6 nation’s talks with hope of lifting some of the sanctions placed upon the country by the UN due to its nuclear program.  Only time will tell what kind of change today’s news have upon the proceedings.

Kim Jong Il’s Funeral will take place on December 28th.

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